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Finally, for U.S. content, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires affiliates to disclose their use of affiliate links (more details here) so be sure to do this.

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Pretty Links enables you to create a simple, short, and branded to your domain URL that redirects to the affiliate (or other) link you specify.

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Play Your Best Hand: 6 Tips for Winning in Affiliate Marketing - AffGeek

After missing the past two years, I once again had the privilege of joining Jeannine Crooks, Partner Development &...

Play Your Best Hand: 6 Tips for Winning in Affiliate Marketing

#AffiliateMarketing #WordPress #BrandBuilding #Affiliate

5 Tips For Starting A Successful Blog For Your Small Business:

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Play Your Best Hand: 6 Tips for Winning in Affiliate Marketing (12:30-1:00 at Affiliate Summit West with @Jeannine_Crooks and @JPL654on Jan. 24). #AffiliateMarketing

Don't forget to pitch e-gift cards in your #AffiliateMarketing efforts. There's still time to join the Perdue Farms #affiliate program and promote their #giftcard landing page -

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Perdue Farms Affiliate Program - AffGeek

Perdue Farms Affiliate Program Details Join the Perdue Farms Affiliate Program The Perdue Farms aff...

Twitter is launching Blue For Business, a new version of Blue Verified designed to distinguish brand accounts from personal accounts. via @MattGSouthern:

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Twitter Launches Blue For Business With Square Profile Photos

Twitter is launching a version of Blue Verified specifically for businesses, aptly titled Blue For Business.

"What to Expect from Google Ads in 2023" | @matt_umbro anticipates four themes from @GoogleAds in 2023 — based on activity in 2022 and trends from the past few years — in this must-read piece for all advertisers. #ecommerce #googleads

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What to Expect from Google Ads in 2023

Based on popularity in 2022 and trends in the past few years, we can anticipate Google Ads' focus in 2023. Here are four likely themes.

Looking for a complete SEO checklist that will help you to increase your site’s organic traffic and rank on Google? Look no further 👇
We cover 41 best practice points and tasks here:

Unlike other forms of marketing, email allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with your readers.

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via @DeniseWakeman

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Embedding a silent, auto-play video can effectively communicate a brand's mission. Check out these examples from @miansai @smallsforcats @truffsauce @dryrobe "On-site Lifestyle Videos Enhance a Brand" #ecommerce #onlineshop

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On-site Lifestyle Videos Enhance a Brand

Many sites now stream silent, auto-play videos to communicate their mission and target desired prospects. Here are five compelling examples.

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