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Holiday, Commemorative & Editorial Calendar Dates & Ideas for Affiliate Marketing

As an affiliate marketer, it can be challenging to know when and what to promote at any given time of the year. The list of marketing suggestions offered below is designed to help with that. It's presented with affiliate publishers and advertisers in mind and seeks to avoid controversy, politics and most religious dates. The goal is to assist in finding creative ways to present products, services and marketing opportunities to potential customers.

By introducing a little creativity (i.e. storytelling), there are many great times of the year to introduce your readers and shoppers to new products and services. This regularly-updated list is designed to help get your "creative juices" flowing in new ways so you can better develop interesting marketing content. Let us know if you have any suggestions to add to this affiliate calendar.

Affiliate Editorial Calendar Suggestions & Marketing Ideas

1-Jan New Years Day New Year's Resolutions; health; exercise
4-Jan World Braille Day (birthday of Louis Braille) Textured products
15-Jan Wikipedia Day Focus on any article of relevance
16-Jan National Religious Freedom Day Religious books; history books
February Super Bowl Sports travel, jerseys, tshirts, equipment and gear
2-Feb Groundhog Day
2-Feb World Wetlands Day Conservation-themes; waterfowl; waterfront travel destinations
Jan. 15-21 (floating Monday) Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr.
February (first Saturday) Ice Cream for Breakfast Day Anything fun!
Feb. 15-21 (floating Monday) Washington's Birthday
14-Feb Valentine Day Red products; romantic gifts; live and cut flowers
15-Feb World Earthworm Day Soil and gardening products; conservation themes
17-Feb Random Acts of Kindness Day (USA) Gifts and fun
27-Feb National Pancake Day (USA)
1-Mar National Pig Day (USA) Pig-themed products; bacon
2-Mar Employee Appreciation Day
2-Mar Texas Independence Day Anything big (everything's bigger in Texas!)
3-Mar World Wildlife Day
8-Mar International Women's Day
14-Mar Pi Day It's 3.14 today so pies or math or logic.
17-Mar St. Patrick's Day Green things, Irish-themes
21-Mar International Day of Forests Trees; products made with wood; reclaimed wood products; select travel destinations
22-Mar World Water Day Water filtration, water bottles, conservation
April (depends) Easter Sunday Christian themes and traditions; lillies
1-Apr April Fools' Day Lots of fun, contraditions and riddles; great time for odd announcements
2-Apr World Autism Awareness Day
2-Apr International Children's Book Day Children's books and related educational toys
7-Apr World Health Day Anything related to health; natural health products; vitamins and supplements
10-Apr World Homeopathy Day
21-Apr National Tea Day Tea brewing and serving products; tea gifts; specialty teas
22-Apr Earth Day Conservation; recycled products; reuseable products
23-Apr World Book Day Anything related to books and learning
29-Apr International Dance Day
April (Wednesday of last full week) Administrative Professionals' Day
April (last Friday) Arbor Day Planting trees; conservation; reclaimed wood products
1st Sunday in May World Laughter Day Great time to promote fun products and themes
2nd Sunday in May Mother's Day Gifts for Mom (traditional and non-traditional options)
1-May May Day
4-May International Firefighters' Day
4-May Star Wars Day Toys, collectibles and anything related to Star Wars
5-May Cinco de Mayo Anything related to Mexico; made in Mexico products
10-May International Migratory Bird Day Bird-watching glasses; bird books; bird feeders
12-May International Nurses Day
15-May International Day of Families Household items to support home-life; family-travel
18-May International Museum Day Tourism and travel
20-May World Bee Day Flowers, beekeeping supplies
22-May International Day for Biological Diversity
23-May World Turtle Day
May 25-31 (floating Monday) Memorial Day
May (Saturday of third full week) International Heritage Breeds Day Heriloom seeds; vintage tools; classic books; heirloom-quality products
June (First Friday) National Donut Day (USA)
1-Jun International Children's Day
1-Jun World Milk Day
3-Jun World Bicycle Day
5-Jun World Environment Day
6-Jun D-Day
6-Jun World Pest Day Natural pest control products and plants
8-Jun World Oceans Day Beach travel; conservation products; whale and dolphin-themed products
14-Jun Flag Day Red, white and blue items
17-Jun World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought Trees, water conservation products, succulents
3rd Sun in Jun Fathers' Day in some countries
1-Jul Canada Day Maple leaf products; made in Canada products
4-Jul Independence Day Red, white and blue items; made in USA products
7-Jul World Chocolate Day Chocolate products, plants, related items
25-Jul Christmas in July Any mid-year sales items; great excuse for a sale
30-Jul International Day of Friendship
August (First Sunday) International Friendship Day
12-Aug International Youth Day
13-Aug International Lefthanders Day Left-handed tools and products; t-shirts, hats
20-Aug World Mosquito Day Natural pest control products and plants
21-Aug World Senior Citizens Day Travel; convenience products; healthy-living themes
3rd Saturday of August National Honey Bee Day Flowers; beekeeping gear
25-Aug Christmas in August Another great excuse for a sale
Sep. (First Monday) Labor Day
13-Sep International Chocolate Day Chocolate products, anything with chocolate
19-Sep International Talk Like a Pirate Day Nothing but fun stuff
28-Sep Ask a Stupid Question Day Feature the FAQ and introduct unusual products
29-Sep International Coffee Day Coffee; coffee brewing, grinding and serving; coffee themed products
October 1-31 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Pink products (some give donations)
October 1-31 National Pizza Month Kitchen products and ingredients related to pizza
October (First Friday) World Smile Day Sunflowers (gardening); toys, games; humorous tshirts; anything that puts a smile on faces!
1-Oct World Vegetarian Day Decorative food plants; meat alternatives
5-Oct World Teachers' Day Anything related to learning; teacher gifts
Oct. 8-14 (floating Monday) Columbus Day
16-Oct National Boss Day (Boss's Day)
31-Oct Halloween Orange things; pumpkins; sweets; harvest-themes
1-Nov World Vegan Day Decorative food plants; meat alternatives
11-Nov Veterans' Day
11-Nov Singles Day Becoming a huge shopping day globally
14-Nov Children's Day Toys and anything related to babies and children
Nov. 22-28 (floating Thursday) Thanksgiving Anything relating to turkeys, Pilgrims, thanks
Nov. Friday after Thanksgiving Black Friday Free shipping; big discounts (big start of Holiday Shopping)
Nov. Monday after Thanksgiving Cyber Monday Online specific sales and promotions
5-Dec World Soil Day Soil and gardening products; conservation themes
11-Dec International Mountain Day Mountain flowers and plants; mountain travel destinations
25-Dec Christmas Anything and everything!
26-Dec Boxing Day Much like Black Friday in the non-US English-speaking world
31-Dec New Year's Eve End of the year clearance sales work well

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