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Belt too tight? Saggy pants causing you trouble (especially during airport security screening)? Don't want to wear traditional suspenders?

HIKERS Co. has a solution for you: In short, yes, you can keep your pants up without a belt while leaving your shirt untucked!

HIKERS® are button fly suspenders and your secret solution to keep your pants on. HIKERS® are the belt alternative you've been looking for. Made without bulky hardware protruding through your shirt, HIKERS® are made to be worn under your shirt as an undergarment.

HIKERS® are adjustable. They simply fasten to your jeans button and then hook to the rear belt loop. It's that easy!

Key HIKERS Co. Affiliate Program Metrics

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The HIKERS Co. affiliate program is exclusively with ShareASale (ID #93169)

HIKERS Co. Affiliate Program Details

  • Standard commission rate is 10%.
  • Premium commission rates may be offered as a performance incentive and/or for advanced exposure. Most coupon sites are admitted below the standard rate only.
  • 120-day cookie duration.
  • Affiliate program is exclusively with ShareASale (Auto-Deposit enabled).
  • Coupons and seasonal offers, including premium FMTC integration.
  • Private commission opportunities available for qualified partners and/or loyalty programs
  • Performance bonuses and placement opportunities are periodically available including exclusive deals and/or increased commission.
  • Vanity codes may be available to qualified partners.

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